Dunkin Donuts
This Is Coffee

SapientRazorfish + Dunkin Donuts

This is Coffee



Highlight Dunkin Donuts quality coffee, from bean to pour.


There’s the artisanal fru fru on the right. There’s the cheap and watered down on the left. But, right in the middle, there’s that perfect cup. The one that’s just right in every respect. The Goldilocks of coffees. That’s held up as the standard for how coffee is sourced, ground, brewed, and, most importantly, should taste. There is coffee, and there are plenty of ways to have it. But, this cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. This is coffee.

This spot is about the lengths Dunkin’ goes to make the perfect cup. There’s pride in this process, and that comes through in the “this is coffee” declaration.


CD - Pete Tschudy
CD - Larry Mintz
Writer - Olivia Kostigen

Art Direction, Social, Video